Wow, what a couple of months I have had.   I am finding that this staff supervision thing can be interesting, to say the least.   Supervising staff can be hard enough, but when you are person with a disability who requires a good amount of personal care, that can make it even more of a challenge.  Because of the “forced intimacy” involved, it can sometimes be hard for me and my staff to separate from that closeness and for me to be taken seriously as a REAL supervisor.   Many people see a supervisor as the person in charge, someone who is in control, or sits behind a desk and gives direction.   But when the person you supervise is also in the role of caregiver, it is hard to define the roles.

I recently had to let a staff go, which was hard for both of us.  but I had to look out for my best interests.  When you are in my position, you do not have the luxury of j sitting back and casually looking for  a replacement.  I needed one ASAP.  Luckily my other staff helped me fill in the blanks in my schedule, so I had consistent services.

So, how does one manage being a disabled person, and a supervisor? I would ask the people around me to help me figure the best solutions to any problems that come up.  I am lucky that I do have the supports I need, and some good staff who are willing to pitch in when the going gets a little rough.

When a situation comes up where I need to act immediately, and cannot call someone for advice at that moment, I need to trust my own instincts and trust my own decisions.  Sometimes I try to think ahead of what possible scenarios may come up and think of a good solution.

I have a situation now where I may need to rearrange my weekend schedule a bit.  My plan is to sit down with the staff involved and see how we can best work out the situation.  I will keep you posted.