As this year comes to an end and a new one is about to begin, many changes can occur. This has already happened to me. One of my employees- my personal helper, who worked with me for eleven years, retired. At first, I was very nervous about this transition because I was so use to being with her every day and use to the ways she helped me with my daily needs, however it was getting difficult for this staff member to assist me with my daily activities, we both decided that the time had come to end our working relationship.

With the help of my bothers and the agency whom I use for this service, I was able to find new staff. I was very nervous during the hiring process, and unsure how everything would work out. I worked with the same staff member for many years and this was very scary for me. After some interviews, I found someone who I felt comfortable with. We have a lot in common and she has many great ideas for the different projects that I am working on.

Even though I was sad to see my long time staff leave, I am very happy with my new staff. Change is hard for me. However, I feel that this was a very positive change for me.

This has helped me learn that it is important to step outside my comfort zone. I have gained more confidence, and I feel this is improtant for all of us.

I wish you all a happy holiday and a new year full of happiness.