Welcome to Living Alone with a Disability

Hello and welcome to my new blog.  My name, of course is Kim Henchen and I am going to use this blog to discuss the trials of living on my own, with a disability, and how I manage my day to day life.  I have Cerebral Palsy and use a wheelchair full time.  I have limited mobility, and need full assistance with my daily living.

Let me start with some background.  Up until February of 2013, I lived with my mom in the house I grew up in.  Then my mom died and I had to make some big decisions.  Did I want to stay in this house or move out?   I thought about going into a supported apartment, and I even went to see one.  I liked the apartment, but was not sure if it was for me.   Then I found out a friend of mine was looking for a housemate in her place.  Her parents bought a house that was totally wheel chair accessible as my friend is also disabled.   I went to visit and I really liked the house.  So, I decided to move in. 

There were several challenges to this decision, as I knew I would need 24 hour assistance.  With help from my brother in law, I found an agency that provided this service.  I already had a staff for Monday through Friday during the day, but needed staffing for at home, evenings, weekends and overnights.   Two of my home health aides that I already had, decided they would like to come with me.  But I still needed to hire a couple more people. 

I have been here a year now, and I am in charge of my own life and can make my own decisions.  I also have had to learn to be a supervisor. Wow, this has been a challenging year for me.  I have been forced to make some tough decisions, and choices which I will be discussing in future posts.

But the bottom line is this, I have learned that you cannot let a disability hold you back from seeking your dreams!!